• June Pictures @ Old Valley Nursery

June is Perennial Gardening Month…

and to celebrate we have compiled all of our favorite pictures taken during the month of June, 2017. Enjoy all these great photographs and the rest of this great month!

stella_bees smallburnet1 penstemon rudbeckia meadow
yarrow veronicas strawberry stella spireae
smallburnet2 shep2 roses red_daylily penstemon
monarda lavender hosta_bloom2 hosta_bloom1 hosta
hibiscus heu_berg_lam gardenphlox3 gardenphlox2 gardenphlox1


daylily3 daylily2 daisy_babybreath coreop3 coolkatmint
coreop coreop1 coreop2 daisy coralbell
coneflower1 coneflower2 lavender campanula astilbe
alex hydrea1 hydrea16 hydranga hydrea4
hydrea3 hydrea5 hydrea2 barberry berberis

All pictures were taken by our house photographers Tim and Kelsey.