Gallery – Star Wars Day 2017

May the Fourth be with you!

Enjoy these photos taken by Kelsey F. at Old Valley Nursery in celebration of National Star Wars Days!

leia_hosta01 vader_force_basket group_original rey_and_fin_sedum fet_chenille_plant
luke_and_darth han_and_chewie leia_anemone darth_barberry fet_jade_succulent
fin_plectranthus han_and_leia_brunnera leia_hosta02 rey_and_kylo vader_geranium
yoda_oregano luke_and_leia_meadow_rue02 maul_succulents yoda_succulent02 chewie_rodgers_flower
rey_sedum poe_veronicastrum luke_and_leia_meadow_rue01 yoda_strawberries yoda_succulent01