Fall Planting

 Tips for gardening in the fall

  1. Roots are still growing. A major benefit to planting in the fall is extra root growth. As plants are approaching dormancy leaves and stems will stop growing and all of the plants energy will go towards root growth. This growth will continue until soil temperatures fall below 40°.
  2. Less stress on the plants. Fall planting eliminates summer transplant shock and allows for plenty of time to build a healthy root system. The following spring, roots are already established and plants will be bigger and more tolerant of hot summer conditions.
  3. Watering is still important. Even though the weather is cooler, your new plants will need to be hand watered. Depending on soil type they may need to be watered daily.
  4. Garden Design and More Time. Fall has a longer window of nicer days for planting that benefits both gardeners and the plants. It is much easier to see and/or remember how the landscape looks during the spring and summer.