Customer Rewards

Old Valley Nursery’s Garden Rewards program “is all about you, the customer”. You can buy the best quality plants in the Boise Valley and earn rewards points at the same time. Plus, we offer additional bonuses and special events throughout the season.

Sign up for Garden Rewards and receive the following benefits:

1. Exclusive Special Offers and Garden Rewards Events throughout the season.

2. Garden Rewards Rebate points. When you make a purchase at Old Valley Nursery, the cashier will pull up your membership and for every dollar spent you will earn one point towards an annual rebate in the form of an Old Valley Nursery Certificate.

Rebate Rewards for the 2019 season will be issued as followed, and will be rounded to the nearest $5 increment:

   200 – 600        points        2.5%
601 – 1,000      points         3%
1,000 – 2,000  points         4%
2,000 +            points         5%

(No Rewards Rebate for less the 200 points)

Special Offers and Garden Rewards Events:

In addition, Old Valley Nursery will notify Garden Rewards Members of special bonuses throughout the season. These bonuses may include special discounts, overstock sales, and coupons for Rewards Members only and information on special events at the Nursery (notified through newsletter, web-page and Facebook)


Sign up forms can be found at the Nursery, we look forward to the visit :)