• 04.10 Growers Choice – Hardy Geranium, Jacobs Ladder & Lilac

This weeks Nursery picks include:

Hardy Geranium – With the charm of a wildflower, the hardy Geranium is a low mounding perennial perfect of filling areas in a garden bed, mass plantings and/or borders. An happy, easy going perennial the hardy Geranium is ideal for almost all garden types.

Jacobs Ladder - An easy to grow perennial Polemonium, or Jacobs Ladder, thrives in moist, partially shady garden beds. Wonderful foliage and striking blue blooms in the spring time, Polemonium is a worthy addition to the garden.

Lilac - Much like our pioneers the Syringa, commonly known as the Lilac, is a hardy lot. Their beauty is legendary and their fragrance the perfume of spring; one of the most popular flowers Lilac blooms are a timeless classic.